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A Star is Born!

Having been a college Professor, for 18 years, and, concurrently, a professional trainer for 30+ years, Dr Dan realized that …

“Wonderful brains don’t just walk into the room, every day!”

And, a lot of folks have wonderful brains, but no common sense or ….. vision.

As a professor and professional trainer, Dr Dan is always looking for “that perfect someone” who could comprehend and nurture his vision/philosophy of

Audit Smarter; Not Harder!

The plain fact is …. auditors work too hard. (As legendary UCLA Coach John Wooden stated: activity ? achievement!). In 1922, a visionary man (DR Scott) proposed the “marriage” of the scientific process with audit. DR supervised the dissertation of the man who supervised Dr Dan’s dissertation. Thus Dr Dan’s DNA contains the vision of DR Scott ….. the thinnest work-papers wins!

Such a person needs several qualities:

  • a fire in their belly,
  • math skills
  • analytical skills,
  • big-pictures skills,
  • details skills,
  • forensics
  • statistical sampling,
  • audit theory and audit practice,
  • IT knowledge and
  • Knowing when to retain legacy thinking and when to show it the door.

After all these years, the perfect auditor … practical, yet, visionary, walked in the door! And she “completely gets it” as to
Auditing Smarter; Not Harder!

The Dr Dan Kneer Advisory Group is proud to announce our partnership with Amanda Wall, of the Gold Coast, Australia. Amanda has several years of highly successful experience as a practicing auditor and an in-house audit trainer.

Amanda will be our main contact in Australasia and South East Asia regions

For inquiries regarding our services, please contact Amanda, directly, thru her website at http://www.auditsmarter.com.au, or if you choose, you may still contact us.