Help Desk

Dr Dan Kneer Advisory Group never wants to “LEAVE YOU HANGING.” In fact, we really get annoyed with seminar instructors who merely “show you how to do it” … and then leave town! (That’s why almost all of our classes are 100% HANDS-ON … with the students making presentations where they apply their training to ongoing audits.)

Further, when the class is over … the APPLIED KNOWLEDGE … the knowledge transfer really kicks in. We want to be available when you apply our efficient and effective audit concepts on your audit engagement

We can contract with you so that we will be available to your audit shop, to help you maximize your audit tool efficiencies. Think of us as an extension of your audit shop … ON DEMAND. You pay only when you use our services. We guarantee our turn around time, even if we are in Australia, Europe or Asia.

Another idea, which has been quite successful, is the holding of a contest amongst your audit staff. Here’s how it works. You challenge your staff to apply the tools and techniques which we have taught to them. You specify that 1) Dr Dan and 2) the Director of you audit shop will be the “judges.” What we are looking for, here, are clever applications of the scientific tools taught in our courses. AGAIN, WE WANT YOU TO GET CONTINUOUS VALUE FROM OUR COURSES. We’ll let you decide how to reward the contest winners. Again, let me say that these “contests” have been phenomenally successful, as they really encourage innovative thinking.