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Dr Dan Kneer, our fearless leader, believes in AUDITING SMARTER, NOT HARDER. Dan has had a fortunate career, interacting with several forward-looking and innovative auditors who have not only supported, but encouraged, out-of-the-box thinking.

It is our privilege to help you perform auditing FASTER, BETTER. We are “tools folks,” providing training and consulting in PROVEN PRACTICAL AUDIT/MANAGEMENT SCIENCE TOOLS. Our team of enthusiastic trainers possess an audit background. Yet we take a process focus, an engineering view if you will, of auditing (think process control, six sigma and ISO 9000+)..

Audit research regarding the dramatically varying costs of evidence validates that we ARE teaching you the MOST EFFICIENT & EFFECTIVE audit tools. Let us nurture your great brains into becoming a thinking man’s/woman’s auditor: not rote auditing by the numbers … think more and audit less.

Let us introduce and engrain these quality notions into your audits and into your audit department mindset. We’ve already done the heavy lifting. We can GET YOU THERE.

We are currently developing eLearning for our courses.  Please click here for a sneak peak demo.

Our mission is to maximize your audit department’s efficiency and effectiveness (via proven practical tools … most of which are ALREADY on your laptop or freeware) …

or as we like to say …